Afternoon to Basques villages

Fecha: Sábado 30 sep. 2017 - sábado 14 oct. 2017

Discover the Basque inland valley and its typical villages, some boasting the official title of ‘the most beautiful villages of France’: Espelette, Aihnoa, Arcangues, Sare... You will feel the strong identity of this land of traditions and be charmed by the ty

It takes local insider knowledge to fully grab Basque culture, so come with us for this spicy journey! While driving you to different places, our guide will share with you his passion and explain what makes Basque identity so unique. Along the way, you will discover a nature of stunning beauty and walk around 4 true local villages deeply rooted in their traditions. We will make three stops at the most interesting villages and drive through many others. Discover the old thick-walled houses which are so representative of the Basque culture. Enjoy the nice gourmet break that a local producer will have prepared for your group with delicious home-made products. Your friendly guide, a true local, will show you the most charming side of those typical villages: the church, the narrow streets lined with red or green Basque houses and most of all the fronton (Pelota outdoor court). So be ready to have a go! There is no way round! This local sport has been played by all among family and friends for generations. Learn the basics firsthand from your guide, turn into a true local, and have fun!
The last stop of this tour will be at a farm producing famous piment d’Espelette, the hot pepper that makes Espelette chili powder. Through this journey into local terroir and timeless values, you will discover everything about this Appellation product and the way it is made, from the fields to your kitchen. The producer you will meet is unique. You will be truly moved by his passion and the way he talks about his land, his work and the precious spice his family has grown for generations. The visit will end with a friendly and very tasty aperitif together. After this tour, Basque food specialties will have no secret for you!

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