San Sebastian tapas tour - evening

Date: Friday 29 sep 2017 - Friday 13 Oct 2017

The border is just a few minute-drive from the French Basque country, so get ready for Spanish pace!

Discover the Spanish way of life and feel the difference! San Sebastian is considered as one of the nicest cities in the world, with its charming narrow streets and old town, beautiful bay of La Concha and last but not least, its rows of tapas bars… so enjoy the visit!

"5.30pm: Off to Spain to discover San Se, as locals call their city.

For a good start, visit the old city center of San-Sebastian!
Take a stroll in the old part of San Sebastian, led by your Basque guide who will give you useful information about the history of San Sebastian. Walk along the elegant Concha Bay, one-mile-long of pure sand beach that offers a unique urban chic landscape in the heart of the city. The city of San Sebastián is frequently listed as the top of the world's best places to eat.

Now plunge into the real local culture, and treat yourself with what will remain one of the highlights of your stay in the Spanish Basque country: a Tapas hop in San Se old district, one of the cornerstones of Spanish foodie culture. Bar counters are lined with hundreds of home-made pintxo (tapas is Basque language), all different in size, shape and taste.

More than food specialities, this tapas experience gives you a genuine insight of Spanish life style. Traditionnally, tapas are eaten standing at the bar counter with a glass of Spanish wine or a fresh beer. Expert assistance is really helpful there! For the best range of local tastes, you will try one specialty in each of the four top Pintxo bars carefully selected by our team. A unique chance to immerse yourself in traditionnal Spanish way of life: tasty for sure, and definitely friendly! Salud, Amigo!

10:30 pm: Back to Biarritz tourist office"

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